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Maryland Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our Maryland federal criminal defense lawyers represent clients in Baltimore, Columbia, and throughout Maryland. If you are under investigation, if you have been served with a grand jury subpoena, or if you are facing federal charges, you can call 888-680-1745 for a free and confidential consultation.

Baltimore address – by appointment only:
4709 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214

In Maryland, the federal government is always targeting individuals and entities in high-stake investigations. However, whether the authorities are investigating you or have placed you under arrest, we have federal criminal defense attorneys here at Oberheiden P.C. who can help fight for a favorable outcome. Call (888) 680-1745 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Oberheiden P.C. – Offering Proven Legal Representation Services in Maryland

If you’re being investigated for a federal crime, keep in mind these investigations are associated with various risks. Individuals such as healthcare providers, corporate CEOs, and other high-ranking persons can face substantial fines and get imprisoned for many years. Businesses implicated in a federal crime can face severe penalties such as financial liability and losing their licenses or registration. With penalties as severe as these, an experienced legal representative is the wisest choice to establish an effective and successful defense. When it comes to federal criminal litigation, we at Oberheiden P.C. command a nationwide presence. We have handled cases for many clients in Maryland and throughout the United States. Our attorneys have dealt with cases involving the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the DHHS Office of the Inspector General (HHS-OIG), and many other government agencies and task forces. Oberheiden P.C. law firm is led by the founder, Dr. Nick Oberheiden, an attorney-at-law with decades of experience in federal litigation and high-stake matters. His team includes highly qualified federal criminal defense attorneys in Maryland who are also greatly experienced in federal criminal matters, and they can use the knowledge they’ve gained from past cases to your advantage. Call us to speak to one of our senior attorneys in confidence today!

Are You a Target in OIG, IRS, DEA, or FBI Investigations in Maryland?

Being accused of a federal crime and facing investigations is one of the most serious issues you can face, whether you’re an individual or an entity. These allegations carry potentially damaging and life-changing consequences. When you realize you’re a target in OIG, DEA, IRS, or FBI investigations, uncover evidence that may cause issues with federal authorities, receive a target letter, or get subpoenaed by the grand jury, do not wait. Take action immediately and hire an experienced legal representative. Note that in federal criminal cases, experience is critical. It can make a huge difference between an undesirable and a desirable outcome. Our attorneys here at Oberheiden P.C. are exactly what you need to help you navigate the complex federal investigative and beat various challenges. What makes us stand out from other law firms in Maryland? We have many years of federal litigation experience – Unlike other law firms, we at Oberheiden P.C. focus wholly on federal matters. This focused approach results in better defense strategies for each case we handle, and we have decades of excellent results to prove it.

Maryland Federal Criminal Defense LawyersWe guide our clients into making the right decisions for their best interests – The federal litigation process is complicated, with a broad range of aspects. If you’re not careful, you may end up doing and saying things that may further jeopardize your situation. Our attorneys can guide you through things such as responding to a target letter or subpoena, answering questions from DEA, OIG, FBI, or IRS federal agents, and handling self-incriminating information. By helping our clients make informed decisions throughout the federal litigation process, they can avoid getting into further trouble.

We’re always thorough when it comes to evaluating cases – We have handled cases for various clients for many years, and all through, a Maryland federal criminal defense lawyer in our team has learned that no information is too small to leave out. That’s why we thoroughly examine our clients’ cases and ask the right questions. With in-depth details about the different case factors, we can develop personalized defense strategies and maximize the chances of obtaining a favorable result. Our priority is always avoiding formal charges – If you’re facing criminal allegations but haven’t been charged yet, there’s still an opportunity to avoid being prosecuted. We look for these opportunities, and we have a record of resolving our clients’ without any formal charges.

We never give up – While some cases may seem challenging to crack, we do not give up no matter the circumstances. We continue to work hard for our clients and pursue the best possible result. This approach of not giving in no matter the situation is something we have seen leading us to a favorable outcome.

How Can Our Maryland Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Help?

Oberheiden P.C.’s experienced attorneys can represent and defend company CEOs, business owners, politicians, accountants, lawyers, nurses, physicians, and any other person facing federal investigations. The agency or government task force targeting you also doesn’t matter; we have successfully represented and defended various personnel against the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the IRS, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and others. We say we’re experienced because:

  • We don’t assign any of our cases to junior lawyers; our senior attorneys handle everything.
  • Our team includes former trial attorneys with the DOJ.
  • We also have attorneys who have prosecuted various healthcare fraud cases in the past.
  • We have handled over 1000 federal cases and resolved them without any charges

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers for All Matters in Maryland

Although a substantial portion of our law firm is committed to healthcare representation and defense, we also handle cases concerning other matters. We represent corporate heads, different companies, licensed specialists, public officials implicated in white-collar offenses, and other individuals. Our senior lawyers handle a wide range of cases for both businesses and persons involved in various federal crimes under the United States Code Title 18, and other statutes regarding federal crime. Some of these other statutes are the Anti-Kickback Statute, the Securities and Exchange Act, the Controlled Substances Act, and many others. We are considerably experienced in federal criminal investigations and prosecutions involving accusations of:

Why are the IRS, FBI, DEA, or OIG Targeting You?

The Office of Inspector General (OIG)

The OIG is a wing in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and it’s responsible for law enforcement. It is dedicated to fighting abuse, waste, fraud, and other offenses concerning HHS programs. The OIG’s mission is to ensure HHS’s programs uphold the highest levels of integrity and are efficient and effective. It also protects individuals served by these programs. It does all this by investigating healthcare providers suspected of Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare fraud as well as other types of fraud concerning HHS programs. Therefore, if you’re implicated in these offenses, you may get into trouble with the Office of the Inspector General.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

The DEA is responsible for investigating and handling drug-related offenses. There is a wide variety of drug-related crimes that the DEA investigates, but they typically involve producing and selling prohibited drugs like LSDs, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and others. The program that is currently at the top of the DEA’s priorities is diversion control, and it involves ensuring drugs like opioids are not diverted from legal to illegal uses.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

This agency targets both businesses and individuals in crimes such as income underreporting, underpaying taxes, and other types of violations under the Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Service also works with other agencies to investigate accusations concerning financial crimes such as Medicaid and Medicare fraud, money laundering, and other offenses.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

In the United States, the FBI is one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies, and it’s tasked with the work of handling crimes such as terrorism, public corruption, organized crime, cyber crimes, and many others. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also works together with other agencies such as the OIG, the IRS, and others to investigate various federal offenses.

What Penalties Do Federal Crimes Carry?

There is a wide range of penalties that apply if you’re found guilty of committing a federal offense. Depending on the crime and its extent, you may be imprisoned for a few years to decades. You can also be fined substantially, with fines ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions. To understand the specific risk you’re facing, get the help of a qualified lawyer. Your Maryland federal criminal defense attorney will evaluate all the facts relevant to your situation and help you understand what exactly you’re up against as well as its risks. When you hire us here at Oberheiden P.C., our team will contact the agencies involved and seek to know more about the allegations leveled against you.

FAQs About Federal Criminal Defense in Maryland

What is a target letter?


Receiving a target letter means that the federal believes that you are involved on some level with the commission of a federal crime. This generally means federal authorities believe that you committed a crime or have information relevant to the crime they are investigating. A target letter may inform you if you are the focus of the investigation, but even if it doesn’t, you should never assume that it is safe to speak with government lawyers without having your own attorney present. If you recently received a target letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, protect your rights and freedom by contacting an experienced Maryland federal criminal defense attorney before speaking to anyone else about the case.

What should I do if the FBI shows up at my house?


How you respond when the FBI shows up at your door can have a significant impact on the government’s case against you. If FBI agents have a valid warrant, you will need to let them execute the warrant. Notably, this does not mean you need to answer their questions. In fact, you have a right not to speak with FBI agents without the presence of an attorney, and doing so only jeopardizes your case. It is also critical that you do not speak with anyone else about your case since you do not know who the FBI has already spoken with. Additionally, you should never destroy or attempt to hide evidence, as this may be used as indicia of your guilt and can also result in the filing of additional charges. Instead, reach out to a Maryland federal criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case.

Should I talk to federal investigators if they ask to speak with me about my case?


Although there are some situations in which speaking with, or even cooperating with federal law enforcement can work to your benefit, you should never talk to law enforcement without an attorney present. You have a right to have an Alaska federal criminal defense lawyer present whenever speaking with anyone in law enforcement. Remember, federal agents have no responsibility to tell you the truth when speaking to them. They may casually approach you, asking to “clear up a few things;” however, their intent is to catch you off guard in hopes of you giving them information that will help to build the case against you.

What is a grand jury subpoena?


A grand jury subpoena is much like a traditional subpoena issued by state prosecutors, except that comes from the Department of Justice and pertains to a federal investigation. Grand jury subpoenas come in several forms. Most request the recipient to produce certain evidence federal prosecutors believe is relevant to their case. They may or may not suspect the recipient of any wrongdoing. Other grand jury subpoenas demand the recipient’s presence to testify in front of the grand jury. If you received a grand jury subpoena, it is critical you reach out to a dedicated Maryland federal criminal defense attorney to discuss the proper way to respond.

What should I do if I’m indicted?


An indictment is a formal charging document used to bring federal charges. Prosecutors cannot issue indictments without first presenting their case to a grand jury. Only if the grand jury finds that there was probable cause that you committed the charged crimes can a federal prosecutor file an indictment. Thus, if you received an indictment, it means that the federal government’s case is fully prepared and they are ready for trial. You, on the other hand, may have only recently learned that you were the target of a federal investigation. Given this reality, the first thing to do after receiving an indictment is to contact a Maryland federal criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case.

Should I try to negotiate a plea agreement or take the case to trial?


If you were recently indicted, the most important thing to understand is that there is a long road between where you are now and a conviction. You are presumed innocent, and the burden to prove you guilty rests with the prosecution. You cannot make an intelligent decision to plead guilty to an offense until you’ve gone over the evidence with an experienced Maryland federal criminal defense attorney. Additionally, while cooperating with federal prosecutors in hopes of securing a favorable plea agreement makes sense in some situations, this should not be done without the assistance of a Maryland federal criminal defense lawyer. If you face federal criminal charges, contact an experienced Maryland federal criminal defense before speaking with prosecutors about a negotiated plea agreement.

Contact Oberheiden P.C. to Speak to a Maryland Federal Criminal Defense Attorney About Your Investigation

If the OIG, IRS, FBI, DEA, or other agencies are targeting you in an investigation concerning a federal crime, contact us for professional assistance. These investigations present a great danger to your business, reputation, or practice, but we can use our experience and knowledge to provide you with the best legal representation. We establish suitable defense strategies to ensure you’re protected all through the process. To learn more about how our attorneys can assist in Maryland, call (888) 680-1745. You can also leave us a message online, and we’ll respond.

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